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Hi! I'm Gara or Hales and I like to draw. I'm also learning music and toon boom so I'll post some practices occasionally.
If you followed me for homestuck fanart, i apologize bc that is lit a once in a blue moon thing. If you wanna stick around and see what comes up, a+
I reblog mostly reference or like things I guess I agree with? I also put up wips and fanart here, so look out man

Inktober week 3! Closing in on the home stretch I’m so glad

warm up doodle

also my brothers and stepdad got together a dnd group a while back which i thought i’d doodle 

Nergüi - Half-orc Barbarian
Xerok Edgebuster - Human Fighter
Norou Evalou - Wood Elf Rogue
Bayne Bundydoc - Dwarf Fighter
then the gnome druid that no one really knows how it got here or where it came fr o m … 

doodle tests to get back on the digital drawing ball

sighs that this mite take longer than i wanted - _ -


the book of life was a good movie and i’m in love

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Guy tho what if a hexfusion thing of Kida, Chel, and Tzipporah
Or maybe Jasmine too bruh what if

Whispers bc diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Im sad this looked way better in my head





Are you fucking kidding me. I put more effort into putting my basic eyeliner on, the same way I have for the last fifteen years and this girl just schmoozes some darth maul like it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy?????


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today i sprained my foot in the worse way possible. i slipped on a yugioh card in my room (a bunch actually since i was sorting them). this is it. yugioh will be the death of me

update: it turns out i didn’t twist/sprain my foot. we went to the nurses and i had fractured it appparently. duel monsters broke my foot. yugioh broke my foot. yugioh ruined my life (here’s a picture of the  cast)image


Somehow playing a card game has caused me to become severely injured.

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I did it
I 110% completed super mario 3D world
All levels done, all flags gold, all stamps and stars collected



The first one always gets me for all the little details, specially how Link seemingly tried to murder Ganondorf in his sleep.

Reblogging for grumpy dad Ganondorf.

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posting art on this godawful site




Just to top off the irony at work here, Caliborn’s ORIGINAL THE CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL was… stolen. This was posted on the mspa forums by user Nakkirz in 2010, before Lord English was revealed! Bet he never expected this to become “canon” in the end!

Of course, 99% of fanart depicted him as a bishie Final Fantasy villain looking guy in the vein of this art. Honestly this is one of the better looking ones though! 

The artist is actually laughing hysterically right now.

(note: this is the artist’s alt account)

that’s incredible

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