Pumpkinbox Of Treats

Hi! I'm Gara or Hales and I like to draw. I'm also learning music and toon boom so I'll post some practices occasionally.
If you followed me for homestuck fanart, i apologize bc that is lit a once in a blue moon thing. If you wanna stick around and see what comes up, a+
I reblog mostly reference or like things I guess I agree with? I also put up wips and fanart here, so look out man

Now that I’m thinking about it, it shoulda been a roach, huh. But nah, it’s a vampire or something.

At any rate, the James in his natural habitat lives in a giant pipe organ and feasts on the occasional yogurts that grow in the fridge. Hobbies include playing the organ he lives in and backsassing the father of the chapel and the teen bloggers who dare to visit.

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